International Partnerships in Education
Building the bridges of peace, friendship, and understanding through educational exchange opportunities!

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Teach in China!

IPIE.US provides escorted opportunities to teach in China through our Summer Teaching Program. At the conclusion
of the teaching program the delegation embarks on a private 3-day cultural tour of Beijing. Our programs are uniquely
small and intimate, usually fewer than 10 delegates per program.

Through these programs, the American educators are expected to experience the personal fulfillment of teaching in
their own Chinese classrooms, increase their understanding of the Chinese educational system, and increase their
overall knowledge of Chinese culture and customs.

The Chinese students are expected to increase their overall English communication in both understanding and
expression, increase their comfort level in using the English language, and increase their knowledge of US culture and

These programs are not suited for everyone. We urge you to ask questions, compare programs, and speak with
previous program participants before making application. The work is hard but the experience can be equally
rewarding. If you think you have what it takes to be a successful candidate, we'd love to hear from you!