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Summer Camp Programs:

IPIE.US, in cooperation with Hanbridge Mandarin, is proud to facilitate the International Language &
Culture Camp in Shenzhen, China. These summer programs are open to American and Chinese high school
and university students.

The summer camp program consists of a 15-day on-campus immersion environment where the American
and Chinese high school students will share equally in the camp experience. Students will live, learn, play,
and participate in the cross-cultural activities together. An optional 3-day cultural tour of Beijing is available
upon conclusion of the summer camp.

Each camp day will include foreign language instruction in the target language, educational cross-cultural
lessons, and recreational activities designed to foster teamwork and trust. Instruction is provided by a
dynamic international management team of certified and fully licensed American and Chinese educators. All
camp activities are supported with the assistance of Chinese university students.

No Summer Program Scheduled for 2020

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