Building the bridges of peace, friendship, and understanding through educational exchange opportunities!
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International Partnerships in Education
Welcome Introduction:

IPIE.US was founded by John Evans McBride (US-Representative) and Chen Yan
(China-Representative) after several years of facilitating cooperative efforts in
education between the US and China. Their mission has always been to create a
better understanding and respect for the cultural differences and similarities
between the people of their two great countries.

John and Yan first started working together in 1996. They facilitated the first high
school exchange program between a school in Pennsylvania, USA and a school in
Guangdong, China. This US-China exchange program was the first program of its
kind to be approved by the Guangdong Provincial Board of Education. Over the
years John and Yan fostered the growth of that program, which has resulted in
reciprocal visits from administrators, teachers, and students.

In 2002, John and Yan initiated their first summerl teaching program in China.
During this summer program, eight US teachers spent three weeks enhancing the
conversational English skills of Chinese high school students at Guangdong
University of Foreign Studies. This highly successful program became an annual
event (2002-2015)!

IPIE.US, in cooperation with Hanbridge Mandarin, currently facilitates the
International Language and Culture Camp in Shenzhen, China. The camp program
consists of a 15-day on-campus immersion environment where American and
Chinese high school students share equally in the camp experience. Students live,
learn, play, and participate in the cross-cultural activities together.

IPIE.US programs are designed not only to bring the World together in peace,
friendship, and understanding, but also to insure the most unique educational
experience imaginable for all participants.
John Evans McBride
Chen Yan