2005 Summer Program Highlights
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The 2005 summer camp program (July 21-August 14) was held on the campus of Zhongshan University in China's coastal city of Zhuhai. The teaching program consisted of two separate 10-day sessions of classes and activities. The program included excursions in Zhuhai, Guangzhou, and a 3-day cultural tour of Beijing, China.

We extend our special thanks to Anne, Donna, Eric, Jane, Kathy, and Zita, this year's dedicated delegation of teachers. The friendships you have made will be treasured forever.

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Anne - North Carolina Donna - Delaware Eric - New York Jane - Pennsylvania Kathy - Indiana Zita - Pennsylvania
Individual consultation Proper sentence structure Preparing for debate US/China festivals Pronunciation lesson Performance discussion
Brainstorming Intro. to Amish culture Learning about the USA Working in groups One-on-one attention Learning about China
Basketball game Fun and games Talking with a friend Learning a new dance Cat-walk  Some great cooks
Closing ceremony Student presentation Emperor & Emperesses Foot massage Top of the Great Wall 2005 Delegation

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